John G. McAndrews, Of Counsel

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Mendes is one of the largest firms in the country entirely devoted to the practice of insurance law.

John joined Mendes in 1974.  John has represented insurers, and in particular London Market insurers, as coordinating coverage counsel and in litigation and in settlement discussions on complex pollution and toxic tort matters, involving oil, chemical, utility, and other companies over the past 30 years.  John represented insurers in several of the early major long tail coverage disputes including the Love Canal litigation with Occidental Petroleum and the Agent Orange disputes with Hercules.
John led the London efforts on pollution exclusion law development, including argument before the New York Court of Appeals in Technicon in 1988, and briefing before the Delaware Supreme Court in Hercules and DuPont.  John also argued the “all sums” versus “pro rata” allocation issues before the New York Court of Appeals in Con Ed in 2002 and the New Hampshire Supreme Court in EnergyNorth in 2004.  Most recently John argued the implementation of New York allocation law before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Olin on September 3, 2009.